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MUST WATCH: Intuition Week 2016 at Woodward West - Official Edit

Featured skaters include Intuition team riders Derek Henderson, Chad Tannehill, Damon Franklin, Hunter Grimm, and Anthony Luna. There is also skating from Moxi team rider Indy Jamma Jones, and all of the Intuition Week inline campers.

We had inline campers from Norway, Australia, Brazil, Scotland, and the USA this year! Filmed/edited by Hunter Grimm.

A huge thank you to all the Intuition Week 2016 sponsors, who sent prize packages to keep these kids stoked on skating, and geared up to keep progressing in blading. They all went home loaded with new gear and wild stories to keep them and their friends back home juiced on blading! (Razors, Jug, Ground Control, Seba, Valo, Themgoods, Youth Co, ONE Magazine, Vibralux Denim, Street Urethane, Eulogy Wheels, and Bones Bearings.)

Extra special thank you to Pam and Richie Velasquez, who have made Intuition Week happen for the past 10 years. Best of luck to the Velasquez Family as they move on to the next chapter in their lives back East!

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INTUITION TEAM: Hunter Grimm - 2016 Clips

Intuition team rider Hunter Grimm had been stacking clips this summer, before an injury forced him to undergo knee surgery in mid September. Instead of letting the footage age while he rehabilitates back to 100%, Hunter and the Denver, Colorado based BagLiq Clique released the goods in this mini section.

Today our boy Hunter Grimm underwent surgery on his knee, in honor of him we present to you what he was working on before he went under the knife. We hope you enjoy this short but sweet piece we have created. Hunter is doing everything in his power to make this a strong, healthy recovery to bring you more content on the blades. In the meantime enjoy this! - Sincerely, The BAGLIQ Family

Hunter is riding the Razors SL Red skates in this edit, which are on CLEARANCE. Own your Razors SL Reds today for just $249.90/complete, or $219.90/boot only.
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September 29, 2016

MUST WATCH: Intuition Rider Hunter Grimm - 'Welcome to Razors'

Razors Skate Co. proudly introduces Hunter Grimm as our newest member of the team. Over the past year, the 20 year old has quickly become part of the family, attending a number of events and tours across the US, showing that he isn't just a menace on wheels, but a rad dude full of weird ideas and a great personality. Always a riot to skate with. Hunter, along several others, are ushering in a new generation of fresh blading and positivity. Join the fun!

Filmed and edited by: Anthony Medina

MUST READ: Introducing Hunter Grimm - Wheel Scene Interview

With the addition of Hunter Grimm, the number of Razors riders hailing from Texas is rapidly expanding to the point where they could form their own team! As you will see from his introduction edit by Anthony Medina, Hunter is making a claim for the throne of the Lone Star State’s MVP.

Texas is literally overflowing with talent right now. A stellar cast that consists of Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner, Mason Richard et al has been strengthened by the emergence of new Razors riders Jarrod Banning and now it seems like Hunter Grimm is about to make his presence known. In fact, Texas is so stacked with skilled bladers that it appears some are leaving for fresher different pastures as Jarrod Banning and Hunter Grimm have recently relocated to Denver Colorado to join the likes of Howie Bennett, Cody Lampman and the productive Scumpire fellas. Could Colorado rapidly be becoming the new KCMO? But, wait, who the hell is Hunter Grimm?

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MUST WATCH: Intuition Week 2015 - Official Edit

Intuition Week 2015 at Woodward West was beyond a great time - complete with inline campers from Norway, Chile, Canada, and the USA.

Featuring Intuition team riders Chris Haffey, Derek Henderson, Chad Tannehill, Hunter Grimm, and Anthony Luna. Also featuring Miguel Ramos, Richie Velasquez, and Cody Norman.

Filmed by: Hunter Grimm, Cody Norman, Matt Mickey
Edited by: Hunter Grimm

Sign up today for Intuition Week 2016 (Week 6) at / call 661-822-7900 / email

Many, many thanks to the sponsors for sending promo packages - keeping each inline camper geared up and juiced to keep progressing on the blades!
- SEBA Skates
- Razors
- Ground Control
- Eulogy wheels
- Xsjado
- Bones bearings
- Themgoods
- Valo
- Youth Co frames

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