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Being fellow rollerbladers, we can relate to being eager to skate! The current high demand for skates is exciting, and Intuition is honored to help more people (re)discover skating as a way to stay active and practice social distance. Your patience is very much appreciated! Enjoy more time on skates, and be well!

Stay tuned for updates on when our storefronts in Bakersfield and Santa Monica can (re)open for walk-in clients! @intuitionskateshop

Intuition 2019 Catalog - Get Your Free Copy!

Intuition 2019 Catalog - Get Your Free Copy!

The new 2019 Intuition catalog was released April 1st, and is jam packed with new products for inline and roller skates - in addition to pics of Intuition team riders and special guests. Simply email your full name and complete address to to get your free copy.

ROLLER SKATERS: How to Stop Fast! (W/EstroJen) Planet Roller Skate Ep. 15

Indy Jamma Jones and Planet Roller Skate has another essential episode for all you quad skaters. Check out 'How to Stop Fast, with EstroJen,' and lock in your brake game. Don't forget to subscribe to PRS on YouTube!

Intuition is your official Moxi Roller Skates dealer. Stop by and try on a pair, or order online anytime.

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ROLLER SKATERS: Planet Roller Skate Ep. 14 - Adventures in Dallas

Take a road trip out to Dallas, Texas - home of Abbey Roadkill and her family's roller rink. Tag along with Indy Jamma Jones and Rolla Round on another epic PRS episode! One last thing: be sure and SUBSCRIBE to Planet Roller Skate on YouTube, and follow @planetrollerskate so you don't miss out on upcoming YouTube LIVE features.

Intuition Skate Shop is a brick and mortar Moxi Skates dealer, located in downtown Bakersfield, California. Stop by and check out our expanded roller skates selection, or shop online HERE.

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ROLLER SKATERS: Planet Roller Skate Ep. 9 - How To Skate Backwards

Planet Roller Skate is back with another new episode filled with roller skate wisdom and trick tips. This time, Indy Jamma Jones and special guest Coco GypsetCity teach you how to skate backwards. Check the video below, and don't forget to subscribe to Planet Roller Skate on Youtube.

Intuition Skate Shop is a Moxi Roller Skates dealer. Own your new pair today!

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