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MUST WATCH: Intuition 'Losing Friends' Part 1 Crew Edit

Check out the latest crew edit from Intuition, featuring team riders Chad Tannehill and Anthony Luna - along with Cody Norman, Brad Wheeler, Tyler Rolin, and Matt Mickey.

Filmed/edited by: Cody Norman

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INTUITION TEAM: Derek Henderson - Tulare Road Skate Park

This past Sunday, several Intuitionland bladers and I took a road trip to the Tulare, CA skate park. Intuition riders Derek Henderson and Anthony Luna met up as well. Trick were laced, clips were filmed, pics were taken, and good times were had. Check out the exclusive 'Keep It Local - Tulare Road Trip Gallery' to see all the photos.

BACK IN STOCK: Fester Derek Henderson Pro Wheel

And speaking of Derek Henderson, his Fester 59mm pro wheel is back in stock after selling out. Make sure you pick up a set, and show some LOYALTY for Fresno's homegrown man blader.

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