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BREAKING NEWS: Intuition Team Rider Chris Farmer Joins USD

Direct from Intuition rider Chris Farmer's official Instagram account - 'A new year, a new day..."

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January 01, 2017

IN STOCK NOW: USD Carbon 3 Franky Morales 3

The all new USD Carbon 3 Franky Morales 3 skates are in stock now. Features include the clear Kizer Fluid 4 frames, and the iconic Jordan Bred 11 styling. Available complete, boot only, or custom. *Contact 661-323-6293 / for an unbeatable price on any custom set up.*

MUST WATCH: Franky Morales - USD Carbon 3 Edition 3 Promo

(Filmed/edited by: Erick Rodriguez)

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MUST WATCH: Originals: Part 5 - Montre Livingston

Now this is some proper blading! What a way to end 2013 and charge into 2014 pumped to skate.

Available Now: USD Carbon Free Eisler - Powerblade/Custom/Boot Only

Click here to order.

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December 31, 2013

MUST WATCH: Eisler, Franky, Collins - USD Long Beach Park

Three USD riders - Franky, Richie, and Michael - hit up two Long Beach, CA skate parks in this latest USD promo.

AVAILABLE NOW: USD Carbon Free Eisler, Carbon 3 Franky 2, Carbon 4


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NOW SHIPPING: USD Carbon 3 Franky 2

Franky Morales loves the USD Carbons, and Franky Morales loves his sneaker collection. When given the opportunity to create a pro skate of his own, he chose to mix a pair of his favorite sneakers with a pair of USD Carbon 3s. Franky has always stood out for his trademark style, and these skates underline that. They will not go unnoticed!

This is a real softboot hybrid that lasts even longer, and includes a cuff for improved support and flexibility. This cuff, which has been created with an exclusive mold, is a V-Cut cuff - which aligns with the enhanced lining of the skate. The improved flex with this new cuff means there is less stress on the inside lining, which allows longer skate life, perfect heel lock, and all around better performance. 

The flex is also supported by a unique, one piece construction tongue. It's made from different foams, allowing for great comfort, perfect flex, and no wrinkles.

USD also redesigned the internal structure, making the actual carbon fiber lower, with a new shape. More built in flex zones help accommodate the cuff, while maintaining plenty of support to do any trick you can imagine. The Franky 2 also has superb forward flex, which is a real bonus when it comes to your jumps and landings. 

The USD Carbon 3 Franky 2 skates are now shipping. Custom set ups are available. Just call 661-323-6293, or email - and always get the lowest price.

August 19, 2013

NOW SHIPPING: USD Classic Throne Demetrios 3

A skate that has stood the test of time, and a skater who continues to re-define what is possible on blades. USD presents the Classic Throne Demetrios George 3 skates. Boot only and custom set ups are available. 


August 13, 2013