MUST WATCH: Intuition Rider Hunter Grimm - 'Welcome to Razors'

Razors Skate Co. proudly introduces Hunter Grimm as our newest member of the team. Over the past year, the 20 year old has quickly become part of the family, attending a number of events and tours across the US, showing that he isn't just a menace on wheels, but a rad dude full of weird ideas and a great personality. Always a riot to skate with. Hunter, along several others, are ushering in a new generation of fresh blading and positivity. Join the fun!

Filmed and edited by: Anthony Medina

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With the addition of Hunter Grimm, the number of Razors riders hailing from Texas is rapidly expanding to the point where they could form their own team! As you will see from his introduction edit by Anthony Medina, Hunter is making a claim for the throne of the Lone Star State’s MVP.

Texas is literally overflowing with talent right now. A stellar cast that consists of Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner, Mason Richard et al has been strengthened by the emergence of new Razors riders Jarrod Banning and now it seems like Hunter Grimm is about to make his presence known. In fact, Texas is so stacked with skilled bladers that it appears some are leaving for fresher different pastures as Jarrod Banning and Hunter Grimm have recently relocated to Denver Colorado to join the likes of Howie Bennett, Cody Lampman and the productive Scumpire fellas. Could Colorado rapidly be becoming the new KCMO? But, wait, who the hell is Hunter Grimm?

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