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EVENTS: Blading Cup 2017 / Feet 4 and Hermanos Vol. 1 Premieres

The biggest blading weekend of the year is fast approaching. Get down to Santa Ana, California for the 7th annual Blading Cup contest and trade show November 3rd - 4th. There will also be a premiere for the new Hermanos Vol. 1 video (shot on 16mm by Ivan Narez and Brandon Smith), as well as an exclusive showing up Feet 4 (by Lonnie Gallegos.) Be sure and stop by the Intuition booth for World Famous Homemade Intuition Cookies, before they sell out. *There is also a Brandon Negrete 'Forever Negrete' memorial BBQ and session Sunday Nov 5th at the Paramount, CA skate park. Food will be provided, and all are invited to end this fantastic weekend on a proper note!*  Get all event info at, and see you there!

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EVENTS: Remembering Brandon Negrete - #forevernegrete817

This past Sunday was Brandon Negrete's birthday. His family, and fellow rollerbladers got together at Paramount Skate Park in SoCal for a BBQ and session - while bladers across the country held sessions in his honor. Brandon Negrete was a renowned film maker, who filmed and edited such rollerblading classics at 'US,' 'Forever Now,' 'Road to Nowhere,' 'The Meantime,' and 'Regardless.'

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August 19, 2014

ALWAYS REMEMBERED: Brandon Negrete - Friend and Videographer

Won't get to joke about Channel 94 anymore with this guy... (That was Brandon Negrete's AIM screen name. That's how long I've known him. Since before his first VHS video 'US' was released.) Great guy, who had definitely been through the ups and downs of being a videographer in the rollerblading industry. Was most often a great time hanging with him, whenever/wherever we crossed paths. Rest in peace. 

(Photo by: Ivan Narez at the Regardless video premiere in LBC, Summer of 2011)

Man, thinking about it, Negrete's catalog of videos is up there with some of the best in the game. US, Noir, Forever Now, Road to Nowhere, The Meantime, FadeNation, 2Faded, Regardless. Plus big time contributions to BANG!, The Xsjado Video, Life + Plus, Salomon, and more.

Surround yourself with good friends, seek out great times (no matter where you are), and do something that you love. And this way, you will be forever remembered.


October 09, 2013