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INTUITION TEAM: Chad Tannehill x Razors 2018 Edit

Intuition team rider Chad Tannehill recently released his new Razors 2018 edit. Check that rig out for a few bangers, transfer, bails, and more! Filmed on location in Taft, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield.

Chad's current set up includes Razors Shift 2 skates, Fifty-50 Balance frames, and S9 Bearings - all of which are in stock and available now!


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MUST WATCH: Jon Julio Launches Them Skates + Official Edit

After last week's stunning announcement that Jon Julio was leaving Valo, news soon followed that JJ was working on a new venture titled Them Skates. And just earlier tonight, he released an official promo edit for his new brand. Pre-orders for Them Skates will begin February 20th, right here at, so stay tuned....

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MUST WATCH: Am I Too Old to Skate? - PRS Ep. 24 w/Frank Hernandez

Frank 'The Godfather' Hernandez is featured in the new Planet Roller Skate Episode 24 - Am I Too Old to Skate? See for yourself, as host Indy Jamma Jones tries to keep up with Frannk at his hometown Delano, CA skate park. Don't forget to subscribe to Planet Roller Skate on YouTube!

Frank is wearing the Triple 8 Sweatsaver helmet, which is now available in the new Certified model! Click here to order yours T8 Certified Sweatsaver helmet today.

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MUST WATCH: Don Bambrick - Vibralux VOD on YouTube

Detroit's most notorious Bad Boy on the Blades - Don Bambrick - put together a proper VOD section for Vibralux Denim, which is now available on YouTube. Get hyped on some of Don's most thoughtful and stylish skating yet!

(Filmed/edited by: Adam Johnson)

IN STOCK NOW: Street Urethane Don Bambrick 56mm/92a Wheels

CLICK HERE to order your set today. These wheels are great for a four down set up!

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INTUITION TEAM: Chris Haffey - Vibralux VOD

Intuition team rider Chris Haffey is currently on tour with Nitro Circus LIVE! in Tokyo, Japan. However, his immensely popular Vibralux VOD section is now available on YouTube for Bonecrusher fans worldwide!


Own your Chris Haffey Signature Intuition pocket tee or hooded sweatshirt today.

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