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Intuition x USD Sway Farmer Custom Completes - Built by Dr. Bones!

Intuition rider Chris Farmer (aka Dr. Bones) helped build 50 sets of his USD Sway custom complete skates here at headquarters. Just a few pairs left from this LIMITED batch of truly pro / signature skates, so score your set today! 

USD Chris Farmer Sway inline skates at Intuition Skate Shop 

Each pair in this exclusive LIMITED RUN of 50 pairs includes USD Farmer Sway boots, MyFit Crown Farmer liners, 50/50 Prime Farmer frames, Red Eye Farmer 57mm/92a wheels, and 50/50 ABEC 9 spacers. Experience a truly custom complete pro / signature skate - with top notch components. Chris receives $30 per pair sold from Intuition, on top of earnings from USD, 50/50, and Red Eye. On a hot Sundee in August, the full Intuition staff of Cody Norman, Cameron Davis, Matt Mickey and Dr. Bones turned bolts and built 50 pairs of these blades. 

USD Sway Chris Farmer skates at Intuition Skate Shop

And that's not all! Dr. Bones also signed and numbered 50 posters, featuring a classic trick from his promo edit for these USSD Sway Farmer skates. 

USD Chris Farmer Sway inline skates at Intuition Skate Shop

The only place to get this custom complete experience is at! (Side Bet: Intuition Santa Monica has these in stock, and so does Intuition Bakersfield - for our local / walk in clients.)

USD Sway Chris Farmer inline skates at Intuition Skate Shop.

Many thanks to Law at 50/50 Frames and Buck at Red Eye Wheels for helping make the magic happen.

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IN STOCK NOW: Razors Yuri 2 SL

The new Razors Yuri 2 SL skates have arrived. Razors' flagship SL skate gets a stylish upgrade with a classic boot look and Kevlar enforced durability. Yuri Botelho and Razors bring you the Yuri 2. Features include brown leather upper made from an abrasive resistant material, and an over-boot (designed by Yuri himself) set atop our most trusted shell design. The soul frame comes with grooves above the front and back wheels to accommodate up to 66 mm. A redesigned liner offers easy access, and provides a ridged, molded tongue that gives a secure, supportive fit. Ground Control Featherlite 3 Frames match the brown cuffs and backslide plates help solidify the color way - offering a skate that looks and skates great right out of the box. Order your pair today.

Custom set ups contact 661-323-6293 / for a great deal. 

MUST WATCH: Yuri Botelho 2 SL - Official Promo Edit

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INTUITION CUSTOMS: SSM Bloodline, Razors G 9.1, Valo JJ Light

Check out several new custom set ups created for customers at the shop.

SSM White Bloodline skates, Kizer Fluid 4 frames, and Fester Derek Henderson wheels.

Razors Genesys 9.1 skates, red GC Featherlite 2 frames, and red parts

Valo JJ Light Black and Wine, GC F1 XS frames, and Eulogy Soichiro Kanashima wheels.

Get the best price on your custom set up - Call 661-323-6293 or email


January 10, 2014

INTUITION CUSTOMS: Valo V13, SSM Bloodline, and USD DEM3

Check out a few of the recent custom set ups created at Intuition Skate Shop.

Valo V13 skates, Create Originals frames Fester Derek Henderson wheels, and Bones Reds bearings.

SSM Bloodline skates, white SSM souls, and white GC Featherlite 2 frames.

USD Demetrios George Classic Thrones and white Kizer Fluid 4 frames.

Call 661-323-6293 or email, and always get the best price on custom skates. 

December 17, 2013

INTUITION CUSTOMS: Valo and USD - Customer Created/Low Prices

Here are several of the most recent custom set ups created by customers at Intuition Skate Shop. Feel free to contact the shop at 661-323-6293, or to get the best deal on your own unique set up.

Valo JJ Light X Years boots, Trust Special Ops liners, Ground Control Featherlite 2 frames, Fester Derek Henderson wheels, and ABEC 5 bearings.

USD Carbon Free Richie Eisler boots, Kizer Fluid 4 frames, Eulogy Chris Haffey wheels, and Bones Super Reds bearings.

MUST WATCH: Remedyz Team HR 1.3 Summer Bash - Haffey, Nils, Juul

Check out the new Remz HR 1.3 team edit, featuring Intuition rider Chris Haffey, along with Nils Jansons, Jacob Juul, Dominik Wagner, Josiah Blee, and more. (Edited by: Fred Castro - Source:

AVAILABLE NOW: Remz HR 1.3 skates

CUSTOM/BOOT ONLY set ups are also available. Just call 661-323-6293, or email and always get the best deal. *Even if you don't see what parts/wheels you are looking for, just ask. Intuition can special order just about anthying - at no extra cost.


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This set up was created/shipped at the shop today. Razors Genesys Red skates, Ground Control Formula 1 Freestyle frames, and custom white soul plates, buckles, and laces.

Get the best deal on any custom set up you create. Call 661-323-6293 or email to place your order. Ask about our 'Parts Swap' option, to save even more money. *All custom skates are delivered completely assembled, and ready to rock.

August 30, 2013


Valo BS Light Ox Bloods boots, Ground Control Featherlite 2 frames, Eulogy 47mm anti rockers, Undercover Iain McLeod 56mm wheels, and Bones Reds bearings - Customer created at the shop.

Get the custom set up you want, at the lowest price. Just call 661-323-6293 or email


August 26, 2013

COMING SOON: Valo TV3 Blue and Camo - Pre-order now

Pre-order your Valo TV3 Blue or TV3 Camo skates today. Both feature traditional plastic shell (V13) underneath the classic TV stitch pattern with a new blue or camo color way. Valo memory buckles, Valo liners, and Valo two piece souls. Custom set ups are available. Just call 661-323-6293, or email - and always get the best deal. *Pre-order now. Scheduled for end of September delivery.*


August 14, 2013