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PRE-ORDER NOW/AUG 26th! Razors SL Navy inline skates

The highly anticipated new Razors SL Navy skates are arriving early on August 26th! Pre-order your pair today, and ensure you don't miss out! Razors never does pre-orders, but because the appetite for these SL navy skates is so high, Razors is taking unusual measures to meet demand.

The new Razors SL Navy skates. Featuring Razors liners, the highly sought after Razors SL heel pads, replaceable SL Soul Frames / SL Soul Sliders / SL Backslides, baseless boot design, GC Featherlite 3 frames, Razors 59mm/90a wheels, and ABEC 9 bearings. Available sizes 6 - 13, plus 7.5 and 10.5. Lock-in your pair today!

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BREAKING NEWS: Derek Henderson Razors Pro Section - Christmas Eve

Intuition team rider Derek henderson is dropping his Razors Pro section at 9pm PST on Christmas Eve. OWN IT HERE!

Just after Blading Cup 2017, Derek Henderson sought out to create his first ever professionally produced full length section. During the filming process, he received a phone call asking if he'd like to skate pro for Razors.

He thought they'd never ask!

Hailing from Fresno, California, Derek has been blading since he was 8 years old, and riding for Razors since 2009. Now a proud husband and father, and founder/owner of S9 Bearings, Derek is cementing his legacy as the most menacing, passionate, and powerful blader in Central Cali. Don't mistake his kindness for weakness though, because the rattlesnake of rollerblading has bite - and a venemous trick vocabulary!

Song: Pantera - Epidemic / Filmed by: Gary Magill and Joji Ihara / Edited by: Gary Magill / Artwork by: Erik Beltran / Presented by: Razors Skate Co

IN STOCK NOW: Razors Shift skates

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NOW SHIPPING: Razors Cosmo Freeskates - Shift Compatible!

Introducing our first freeskate – The Razors Cosmo!

The Razors Cosmo addresses one of the biggest issues in freeskating: transfer of power. As most boots are made of a relatively flexible material, the frame tends to flex if attached directly to the boot. Razors solved this problem by attaching the frame to a soul frame, which is made of a super stiff material and distributes the power across the whole bottom of the boot. This results in a solid connection, from foot to wheel, helping you get the most from each and every stride.

The Cosmo comes with Razors new Instant Frame Changing System (IFC) allowing you easily replace worn parts and convert your freeskate into a hockey or aggressive skate in seconds. The Cosmo liner utilizes a thinner padding for better boot feel and control. You’ll be able to strap in nice and tight using our heel-retention ratchet and aluminum cuff buckle. An aircraft grade aluminum frame and super high rebound 80mm/85A wheels serve up a smooth and effortless ride. Click here to order your pair today!

- Full transfer of power
- Instant Frame Changing system (IFC)
- Replaceable slider on outside of boot
- GC aircraft grade 6061 aluminum frame
- GC 80mm/85A super high rebound wheels
- Heel retention strap & ratchet buckle
- Slim liner with articulated ankle support
- Aluminum cuff buckle


Cosmo Soul Frames: (Also compatible with Razors Shift skates)
The soul frame is the platform that’s holding the boot and frame together. It's made of a super tough, fiberglass-reinforced Nylon plastic increasing the stiffness and responsiveness of the skate. It also allows full transfer of power which is especially important when using bigger frames for recreation and speed. Available in Black or White, in sizes 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, and 12-13.

Cosmo Sliders: (Also compatible with Razors Shift skates.)
The one piece slider is made of tough, fiberglass-reinforced Nylon for superior strength, stiffness and durability. It also protects the outside of the boot and can be replaced in seconds if worn out. Available in Black or White, in sizes 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, and 12-13.

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IN STOCK NOW: Razors Metro Backpack - Carries Skates & RTR Frames

The all new Razors Metro backpack is designed for the urban skater who uses his skates to get from A to B. It comes with an outside frame/shoe compartment, side pockets to fit extra frames and a new innovative skate holder that keeps your skates tighter than ever. A must if you want to take full advantage of Razors’ new Shift and Cosmo skates. Click here to order yours today!

The Metro comes with 3 main pockets which provide ample room for binders, protective gear and clothing. A padded computer compartment securely holds and protects your laptop, it comes with a waterproof bottom, pockets for computer mouse, sunglasses with micro fleece lining to clean your glasses, media port, internal organizers and many more features.

Razors put great emphasis on the quality and workmanship of the backpack. It’s made of high end 1000D polyester and rip stop fabrics and all seams in stress areas are triple stitched.

- 3 main compartments
- Patented skate holder system
- Padded laptop compartment
- 6 zipped pockets, 1 velcro pocket, 1 shoe pocket
- Pen organizer
- Sunglass pocket with fleece lining
- Computer mouse pocket
- Media port
- Extensive back padding

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NOW SHIPPING: Razors Shift Skates - Change Frames/Souls in Seconds!

The Shift boot is a synthesis of the best elements from our most popular models, all combined with new attributes. The shell has a slimmer shape reminiscent of the Cult mixed with the flat soled, bottomless boot concept of the SL. With focus on improving the rider experience, we began reworking our designs and after three years, countless hours of testing, we have developed the Shift.

The beauty is in its simplicity. When used solely as a street skate, t-nuts can be installed to completely secure the connection on the sole and boot; a connection that will hold up to the heavy demands of modern blading. If you intend to use the skate for commuting, recreation, and/or street skating, the t-nuts can be removed for a quick and easy swapping between setups when hoping from spot to spot. This new innovation is named the IFC – Instant Frame Change. By depressing 2 buttons on the base of the soul, you release the slider, and from that point – the soul, frame and wheels – from the boot. Within seconds, you can snap on a fresh setup, all without having to access any of the UFS hardware, and you’ll be on your way. CLICK HERE to order your set today!

The Razors Shift comes stock with a wicked comfortable liner, SL heelpad, new cuff with stash pocket for the buckle, GC Featherlite 3 frames setup anti-rocker with 64 mm wheels, and t-nuts preinstalled in the sole. And of course, skaters can count on Razors’ legendary strength and riding performance.

- NEW slim boot shell
- NEW Instant Frame Changing system
- NEW 1-piece slider
- NEW slimmer fit
- NEW cuff with buckle stash pocket
- NEW Razors liner with articulated ankle shape
- Oversized heel pad
- GC FLT 3 frame
- GC 64 mm/90A wheels
- ABEC 9 bearings

Sizes: 6-13, plus 10.5

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NOW SHIPPING: Razors Genesys Jr 2017 Skates - Adjustable!

Spring is here and Razors is introducing the new 2017 Genesys Junior Skate: With features such as a liner with articulated ankle shape, sturdy Ground Control frames, fully replaceable soul/backslide, and a 56mm Razor wheel/42mm grind wheel combo, these skates will hold up to the toughest beatings the little guys can dish out. Order your Razors Genesys Jr 2017 skates today!

To make sure that the fun doesn't stop when your feet grow, Razors came up with a solution to make the skate adjustable from size 3 to 6 without compromising on sturdiness or performance: the skate consists of 2 boot shells that are attached to a soul frame platform and can be adjusted to the front AND back. This creates a sturdy connection and makes sure the balance of the skater will not be changed when the size is being adjusted.

The padding of the liner features the same construction and heel support as Razors adult skates. We’ve also upgraded the buckle and slapped 56mm wheels on the outside for faster speeds and a smoother riding experience. We kept in the 42mm plastic grind wheels to increase the H-block area, increasing the skater’s ability to grind almost any obstacle.

• Extra thick liner padding
• Articulated ankle shape and heel support
• Upgraded buckle receiver
• 56 mm wheels
• Adjustable from sizes 3-6
• Sturdy soul Frame platform
• Replaceable backslide plate
• Shock absorbing heel pad
• Ground Control frame
• Anti-rocker grind wheels
• Large gap between anti-rockers for easy grinds

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IN STOCK NOW: Razors Korey 'Sneaky' Waikiki SL

IN STOCK NOW: Razors Korey 'Sneaky' Waikiki SL

Introducing the latest release from Razors Skate Co. - The Korey Waikiki SL Pro Skate. Order your pair today! For custom set ups, call 661-323-6293 or email, and always get a great deal. YES, Intuition ships international!

Featuring an all new canvas upper supported by our trusted SL boot mold, the Korey Pro offers a modern, stylish look with extraordinary performance. The skate comes stock with matching liners with canvas outer and plaid detailing around the inside upper. The reformed Razors tongue offers ample support, and front velcro attachments keep the tongue from shifting side to side. All replaceable souls, sliders, and backslide plates allow for easy customization and longer skate life. The Genesys cuff is a great balance between support and needed flexibility; it comes with a graphic drawn by Korey's brother, someone who has been there for him since the beginning of his blade career. The whole package is balanced a top a Ground Control Featherlite 3 frame, 57mm GC wheels with ABEC9 Bearings, and 42mm plastic anti-rockers.

-SL Boot with Canvas Skin
-Replaceable Cuff, Souls, Sliders, Backslides, and Liners
-Redesigned/Reformed Razors Liner
-GC FLT3 Frames and 57mm Wheels
-42mm Plastic Anti Rockers for easier grinds
-ABEC9 Bearings
-Available in sizes 6-13, including 7.5, 9.5, and 10.5

MUST WATCH: Razors Sneaky SL promo 

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November 21, 2015

MUST WATCH: Introducing Chad Tannehill - Intuition/Razors Rider

Growing up skating with the Intuition crew since the age of ten, Chad Tannehill (now 22) has emerged from the shadows of the oil rigs that surround his native Taft, California.

After breaking into the finals of the 2014 Motor Town Classic in Detroit, he has been criss-crossing Southern California filming for this Razors section. From the unforgiving streets of Taft, to the infamous transfer rails at Moorpark College, Chad has put his name up on familiar and fresh spots.

Keep an eye on Chad Tannehill, as it looks like rollerblading could take him a long way from TAFT SHITTY!

Filmed by: Cody Norman, Tyler Rolin, Joji Ihara, Tyler Hester, Donnie Hearn, and Matt Mickey.
Edited by: Matt Mickey
Song: 'Heavy' - Slow Season - Used with permission)

Pics by: Cody Norman