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INTUITION CUSTOMS: SSM Bloodline, Razors G 9.1, Valo JJ Light

Check out several new custom set ups created for customers at the shop.

SSM White Bloodline skates, Kizer Fluid 4 frames, and Fester Derek Henderson wheels.

Razors Genesys 9.1 skates, red GC Featherlite 2 frames, and red parts

Valo JJ Light Black and Wine, GC F1 XS frames, and Eulogy Soichiro Kanashima wheels.

Get the best price on your custom set up - Call 661-323-6293 or email


January 10, 2014

INTUITION CUSTOMS: Valo V13, SSM Bloodline, and USD DEM3

Check out a few of the recent custom set ups created at Intuition Skate Shop.

Valo V13 skates, Create Originals frames Fester Derek Henderson wheels, and Bones Reds bearings.

SSM Bloodline skates, white SSM souls, and white GC Featherlite 2 frames.

USD Demetrios George Classic Thrones and white Kizer Fluid 4 frames.

Call 661-323-6293 or email, and always get the best price on custom skates. 

December 17, 2013

INTUITION CUSTOMS: Valo BS Ox Blood and Xsjado 2.0

Check out a few recent custom set ups that were created at Intuition Skate Shop. Call 661-323-6293 or email to get your custom set up at the lowest price. They'll arrive completely assembled, and ready to rock - right out of the box. *YES, Intuition ships internationally - FOR LESS.*

September 12, 2013