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Razors Cult Navy inline skates
Razors Cult Navy inline skates
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6/US Men's
6/Boot Only
7/US Men's
7/Boot Only
8/US Men's
8/Boot Only
9/US Men's
9/Boot Only
10/US Men's
10/Boot Only
10.5/US Men's
10.5/Boot Only
11/US Men's
11/Boot Only
12/US Men's
12/Boot Only
13/US Men's
13/Boot Only
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*Best value aggressive inline skates!* The Cult Navy - Built around its trusted boot shell, the Cult offers a solid platform for beginner to advanced skaters, right out of the box.  Fully customizable from the buckle and cuffs down to the frame and wheels.


  • Navy Cult Shell with Black & White Highlights

  • Replaceable Soul Frame & Backslide Plates

  • Replaceable Cuff with 'buckle stash'

  • GC FLT3 Frames & 57mm/90A GC Lite Wheels

  • Classic Cult Liner

 US Shell Sizing:

  • Size 1 – 6/7 (Width: 93mm / Length: 267mm

  • Size 2 – 8/9 (Width: 96mm / Length: 286mm)

  • Size 3 – 10/11 (Width: 99mm / Length: 299mm)

  • Size 4 – 12/13 (Width: 102mm / Length: 310mm)

 Available in US Sizes 6-13, including 10.5 - and boot only.