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Intuition Skate V2 skate liners


Brand Intuition

Intuition Liners (no relation to Intuition Skate Shop, other than the name) introduces their V2 inline skate liner.

The Intuition Skate Liner improves the fit and maximizes energy transfer in skates with removable liners. Designed to fallow most skaters to downsize to a smaller, and narrower shell for a closer fit and better control. Ideal for Them, Roces, Razors, and USD hard shell skates.

The sizing chart below will help you decide which shell+liner combo will work best for your foot length.

Intuition Skate liner fit/size chart:
Foot length: 21-22.5 cm Liner size XXS Shell Size: US4-5/EU 37-38
Foot length: 23.5-24.5 cm Liner size: XS Shell size: US 5-6/EU 38-39
Foot length: 25-26.5 cm Liner size: S Shell size: US 7/EU 40
Foot length: 27-28.5 cm Liner size: M Shell size: US 8-9/EU 41-42
Foot length: 29-30.5 cm Liner size: L Shell size: US 10-10.5/EU 43-44
Foot length: 31-32.5 cm Liner size: XL Shell size: US 11-13/ EU 45-47

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