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50/50 Session Saver parts kit
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Have you ever had a session ruined because you lost a bolt?! Or maybe the coping was unexpectedly sticky making soul tricks impossible? Get yourself a Session Saver and you’ll be ready next time. A hat tip to the '50/50 Solutions' products from the late 90's!


  • 2x 50/50 ABEC-9 Bearings
  • 1x 8mm standard bearing spacer
  • 2x 8mm standard frame spacers (fits most 8mm frames)
  • 1x 8mm 50/50 Super Axle (fits most 8mm frames)
  • 2x frame bolts with washers for perfect length
  • 2x 4mm hex keys
  • 1x block of emergency wax

*Pro tip! Select 'USPS 1st Class Mail' for the cheapest shipping rate!* We hope you never have to use the Session Saver. Just throw it in your bag and forget you have one. But when you break a bearing, or you lose an axle, you’ll be up and rolling in no time.