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Compass 72mm
Compass 72mm
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*Now available in Black, White, or Yellow frames - with Black Compass wheels! Introducing the Compass Blue Ridge 72mm frame. Designed for aggressive skaters to skate everywhere. It’s a UFS frame with a low ride height optimized for making big wheels on aggressive skates more fun. These are a fantastic deal to transform any UFS aggressive skates into cruisers!


- Wheels size: 72mm, with Compass Swiss bearings
- 260mm wheelbase from 1 -> 4 (middle of wheels)
- Injection molded with glass filled nylon
- Custom 8mm axles
- Aluminum frame spacers
- Angled frame walls with countersunk axles
- Fully accessible UFS bolt for easy frame swapping, even with wheels on!

Ready to Roll frame kits include Compass Black 72mm/85a wheels, and Compass Swiss bearings. Fully assembled for easy installation on your skates.

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