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50/50 Chad Tannehill Prime frames
50/50 Chad Tannehill Prime frames
50/50 Chad Tannehill Prime frames
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250mm/Yellow + Black
270mm/Yellow + Black
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*Exclusive poster included, only at Intuition! In stock and shipping now!*  The new 50/50 Chad Tannehill Prime UFS inline skate frames. We’re excited to share our signature Prime frame for @chad_tannehill. Chad has been an ambassador for 50/50 since we brought the frames back in 2018. He’s a human wrecking ball, destroying every rail with authority. That’s why he’s been perfect to help us test every frame we’ve developed. They’re not strong enough until Chad says so.

5050 Chad Tannehill Yellow Frames
Chad’s Prime frame is a bright yellow with black cores and black axles, pairing beautifully with any skate out there. 

The Prime Frame is the first frame utilizing the Core System 2. Optimized for anti rocker but incredible for flat.

  • Injection molded walls with glass filled nylon
  • Extruded aluminum Core System 2 structure
  • Custom single tool 8mm axles
  • 250mm or 270mm wheel base
  • 120mm split between wheels 2-3
  • Max 65mm riding antirocker
  • Max 60mm riding flat
  • Compatible with all Core System 2 frame walls

Frame Kits include

  • 2x Prime Frames
  • 8x 8mm Core Axles
  • 8x 8mm Metal Bearing Spacers
  • 16x 8mm Metal Frame Spacers
  • 4x 14mm Frame Bolts

Thank you for all the support over the years. It’s because of you that we’re able to do projects like this to recognize the amazing people in our community.

50/50 Chad Tannehill prime frames