HELP KEEP CARLOS BLADING: Free Advice from 'Carlos the Rollerblader'

Carlos the Rollerblader is trying to make the world a better place. Over a month ago, Carlos started to put up fliers for a “Free Advice hotline” around town, offering a safe place for people to reach out for any type of advice. Carlos’ campaign has since gone viral and the original intention of helping the metro Portland area has become a nationwide phenomenon. DONATE TODAY!

In addition to running the hotline, Carlos also makes art, does stand up comedy and spends many hours a day crisscrossing Portland on Rollerblades. Carlos doesn’t own a car so ‘blades are the only source of transportation. DONATE TODAY!

As you can imagine, running a free advice hotline isn’t very profitable. New skates aren’t an option for Carlos personally, so I’ve decided to start this page so we can help the kid who helps so many others. For a relatively low cost we can all help Carlos stay rolling for years to come. - Drew Bachrach #keepcarlosblading

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