EVENTS: Blading Cup 2013 Results + Edits

Alex Broskow is your 2013 Blading Cup champion, with trademark breeze easy style, and unparalleled creativity on a very unique course. Montre Livingston spun and flipped his way to 2nd place, and had the hundreds in attendance cheering his every trick. Intuition rider Chris Farmer took 3rd, with disaster truespin negative grinds and obstacle transfers. Bolino and Sizemore also skated great in the finals. The top amateur qualifier was Michael Froemling. Bladies winner was Becci Sotelo. Check out the edits below to see what all went down. You can see the exclusive Intuition Blading Cup 2013 weekend gallery HERE.

Special thanks and maximum respect to Jon Julio for making the Blading Cup happen for the third year. A pat on the back also goes out to Nick Wood and Damien Wilson, and Orange Shirt Crew (Shredweiser + fellas) who designed and built the amazing street course. Mark you calendar now for Blading Cup in the Fall of 2014, and see you there.

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