IN STOCK NOW: Razors Korey 'Sneaky' Waikiki SL

Introducing the latest release from Razors Skate Co. - The Korey Waikiki SL Pro Skate. Order your pair today! For custom set ups, call 661-323-6293 or email intuitionskateshop@hotmail.com, and always get a great deal. YES, Intuition ships international!

Featuring an all new canvas upper supported by our trusted SL boot mold, the Korey Pro offers a modern, stylish look with extraordinary performance. The skate comes stock with matching liners with canvas outer and plaid detailing around the inside upper. The reformed Razors tongue offers ample support, and front velcro attachments keep the tongue from shifting side to side. All replaceable souls, sliders, and backslide plates allow for easy customization and longer skate life. The Genesys cuff is a great balance between support and needed flexibility; it comes with a graphic drawn by Korey's brother, someone who has been there for him since the beginning of his blade career. The whole package is balanced a top a Ground Control Featherlite 3 frame, 57mm GC wheels with ABEC9 Bearings, and 42mm plastic anti-rockers.

-SL Boot with Canvas Skin
-Replaceable Cuff, Souls, Sliders, Backslides, and Liners
-Redesigned/Reformed Razors Liner
-GC FLT3 Frames and 57mm Wheels
-42mm Plastic Anti Rockers for easier grinds
-ABEC9 Bearings
-Available in sizes 6-13, including 7.5, 9.5, and 10.5

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