CANT NEVER FORGET: Remembering Brett Urbas

Rest in peace, Brett Urbas. One of rollerblading's rising stars, taken too early on July 30, 2015, at just 23 years old. Brett's fast, intense, and powerful skating created enough kinetic energy to single handedly elevate the contest or session to the next level. And Brett would take the time, time and time again, to teach younger/other bladers the tricks of the trade. He had more heart and drive - and an unlimited supply of energy - then almost any other skater I've ever known. How lucky were we to have even known him?! It was an honor and a privilege to announce at BCSD/MTC comps where you excelled.

(Pic: Mick, Brett Urbas (2nd place), Alex Broskow (1st place), and Daniel Kinney at the 2012 BCSD. - By: Chris Gerard.)

To say he was talented is an understatement. To say he will be missed is insufficient. My soul pains for his parents, his family, his Detroit friends - but most sincerely for his baby daughter. And so we, as Brett's blade brethren, must continue as he would have. Living life to the fullest, skating often and with passion, and putting our heart and soul into every single trick and each session/get together. Brett, you're forever rolling that skate park in the sky. Say howdy to Billy Bell, Brandon Negrete, Richard Taylor... (FID/Wacky Bladers)

Participate in Brett's memorial services here.

(Pics: Chris Gerard)

'Do what you love, and do it now.' - K.N.

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