MUST WATCH: Introducing Chad Tannehill - Intuition/Razors Rider

Growing up skating with the Intuition crew since the age of ten, Chad Tannehill (now 22) has emerged from the shadows of the oil rigs that surround his native Taft, California.

After breaking into the finals of the 2014 Motor Town Classic in Detroit, he has been criss-crossing Southern California filming for this Razors section. From the unforgiving streets of Taft, to the infamous transfer rails at Moorpark College, Chad has put his name up on familiar and fresh spots.

Keep an eye on Chad Tannehill, as it looks like rollerblading could take him a long way from TAFT SHITTY!

Filmed by: Cody Norman, Tyler Rolin, Joji Ihara, Tyler Hester, Donnie Hearn, and Matt Mickey.
Edited by: Matt Mickey
Song: 'Heavy' - Slow Season SlowSeasonMusic.com - Used with permission)

Pics by: Cody Norman

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