CANT NEVER FORGET: Remember Blade Legend Bryan Bell - Help With Funeral

Sincere and deep condolences to Bryan Bell's mother, father, sisters, family, and close friends. Bryan first came here in 1999 to film local rollerbladers Ryan Northway and Billy Reese, who would later be featured in 'Street Dwellaz' - the first of three in the 'SD' VHS series that were proudly sold at Intuition Skate Shop. (Bryan Bell also filmed/edited the classic 'My Daily Routine' and 'Making Dreams Reality' VHS skate videos) I also remember sitting in B Bell's room with a then 14 year old Chris Haffey (cast on his wrist, skating Matt Andrews' old Salomons) alongside Ryan Northway (hand wrapped after breaking it in SD) while B Bell was showing us a preview of Street Dwellaz. B's mom brought us all in hot dogs. This was probably early summer 2000. If I'm not mistaken, we then went to the I.N.D. on Hancock Street with Billy Bell, and Chris tried on his first pair of Remz. Kato Mateu might be able to confirm that! These pics are the last time I saw/hung out with Bryan: the after party following the session at OB Park (With 619/Oblivion crew!), and the beach day at La Jolla during the 2013 OG Bladers Reunion (with hella OG bladers!). These were all great times, and it is difficult to believe that Billy Bell is gone. However, I can imagine he is at peace, and I am confident that he accomplished a great deal in his lifetime - for rollerblading, for himself, for break dancing, and for his family. Bryan, your absence leaves an immense void. One that can only be filled with continued hard work and good times on the blades/and off - just as you would have done. 619 BIOTCH! Billy Bell mad as hell!

(Bryan Bell is in the middle - charcoal shirt, pants, and hat. Both pics from OG Blader Reunion weekend 2013.)


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(Filmed/edited by: Brian Smith) 


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