IN STOCK NOW: Razors Aragon 6

The remixed version of our popular Aragon boot has arrived. What could be the last Aragon skate, the A6 is modeled after Brian’s original pro skate, grey boot with black highlights, a concept Brian felt best would encapsulate his career as a professional rollerblader. Based on the traditional SL mold and borrowing it’s soft top design from his previous skate, the A6 offers a low profile, lightweight boot design creating a solid look crossed with incredible performance.

The perfectly grooved backslide plate and baseless design allows the skater to experience a lower center of gravity, direct contact while grinding, easy transitions during switch-ups and near-perfect control on boot and soul tricks. An added strip of fabric is placed between the soul frame and boot shell to reduce clacking, giving you that solid ‘paahk’ sound every time you land. The A6 is also the premier of Ground Control’s new Featherlite 3 frames which come with metal spacer for maximum speed.

Full circle, from skate 1 thru 6, Brian brought some of the most progressive blading into the game, most certainly earning his place as one of the greatest of all time. We at Razors could not be happier to have had such an amazing talent represent the double R. Thank you for everything, Brian. And good luck with everything you do from here on out. Cheers.

- SL Baseless Boot Design
- Fully replaceable Soul frame, Sliders, and Backslide plates
- Canvas/PU Soft-top
- Jug Black Sox 2 Liner
- Velcro Tongue Attachment
- NEW GC Featherlite3 Frames
- 57mm/90a Razors 3D Wheels
- ABEC 9 bearings

Custom set ups contact 661-323-6293 / intuitionskateshop@hotmail.com for the best deal.


Check out Aragon's latest section in the Razors 'Children of the Future' DVD.

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