GET HYPED: Iain McLeod 'Surgical' 2016 Profile - VOD

SoCal blader Iain McLeod has just released his brand new 'Surgical' profile - stacked with his trademark technical precision and stunt spot selection. Check the official trailer, and then own the nine+ minute profile today!

(Filmed/edited by: Quinn Feldman)

The Iain Mcleod 2016 Surgical section has been in the works for nearly two years. 
We wanted to bring something special to the sport we love.

A Chosen Few Production In association TLCinema & Carabela Studio
Directed By: Quinn Feldman
Produced By: Quinn Feldman, Iain Mcleod, Tyler Lee Cushing, Eli Guerron
VFX By: Eli Guerron
Camera Operators: Quinn Feldman & Tyler Lee Cushing
Edited By: Quinn Feldman & Sergio Torres
Movi Technician: Nick Hemphill
Phantom Technician: Quinn Feldman
Assistant Cameras: Michael McClure, Ryan Richards, Austin Eguia

Cameras: Red Epic Dragon, Red Epic, Phantom Flex 4K
Lenses: Cooke Mini S4s, Zeiss ZE/ZF, Panavision Vintage Primes, Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm, Angineux Optimo 24-290mm Zooms. Macro Ollo, Zeiss Macro 100mm,
Camera Support: Movi M15, EasyRig, Camblock Motion Control Dolly.
Lighting: Arri 1k (ST1), Kino Flo 4 Bank. Shot in Southern California.

IN STOCK NOW: Undercover Iain McLeod 'Post Card' Series Ed. 2 pro wheel

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