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Thankful for Rollerblading Vol 3 - No Room For Leftovers!

Stuff yer face, we might not eat this good for another decade! Tag along as Intuition YouTube director Cody Norman takes y'all on a deep dive through long lost hard drives - some over ten years old - into a treasure trove of unseen Intuition Skate Shop footage. An exclusive look back through almost forgotten sessions, all the way up through 2022, with new clips and new spots.

Featuring Chad Tannehill, Chris Farmer, Derek Henderson, Matt Mickey, Cody Norman, Cameron Davis, Miguel Ramos, Anthony Luna, Damon Franklin, Chad Hornish, Billy Reese, Derek King, Brett Well, Paul Fubar, Chris Calkins, Jacob Bouzaglou, Brad Wheeler, and many more.

Locations include Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Taft, Woodward West, and more.

Filmed / Directed / Edited by: Cody Norman

Additional filming by: Daniel Scarano, Matt Mickey, Chris Farmer

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December 06, 2022

Intuition x USD Sway Farmer Custom Completes - Built by Dr. Bones!

Intuition rider Chris Farmer (aka Dr. Bones) helped build 50 sets of his USD Sway custom complete skates here at headquarters. Just a few pairs left from this LIMITED batch of truly pro / signature skates, so score your set today! 

USD Chris Farmer Sway inline skates at Intuition Skate Shop 

Each pair in this exclusive LIMITED RUN of 50 pairs includes USD Farmer Sway boots, MyFit Crown Farmer liners, 50/50 Prime Farmer frames, Red Eye Farmer 57mm/92a wheels, and 50/50 ABEC 9 spacers. Experience a truly custom complete pro / signature skate - with top notch components. Chris receives $30 per pair sold from Intuition, on top of earnings from USD, 50/50, and Red Eye. On a hot Sundee in August, the full Intuition staff of Cody Norman, Cameron Davis, Matt Mickey and Dr. Bones turned bolts and built 50 pairs of these blades. 

USD Sway Chris Farmer skates at Intuition Skate Shop

And that's not all! Dr. Bones also signed and numbered 50 posters, featuring a classic trick from his promo edit for these USSD Sway Farmer skates. 

USD Chris Farmer Sway inline skates at Intuition Skate Shop

The only place to get this custom complete experience is at! (Side Bet: Intuition Santa Monica has these in stock, and so does Intuition Bakersfield - for our local / walk in clients.)

USD Sway Chris Farmer inline skates at Intuition Skate Shop.

Many thanks to Law at 50/50 Frames and Buck at Red Eye Wheels for helping make the magic happen.

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September 14, 2022

Make Rollerblading Yours - Vol. 1 // New Intuition Team Edit

The first Intuition Skate Shop team / crew edit to premiere in a theatre - at the Blading Cup 2021 Film Fest, no less! Rollerblading is an individually expressive physical outlet that we share together. Make Rollerblading Yours Vol 1 gives you a look into what the Intuition team & friends have been creating on the streets of California this past year or so.

Featuring Intuition team riders Chris Farmer, Chad Tannehill, Chad Hornish, Damon Franklin, and Anthony Luna. Also featuring Intuition founder Matt Mickey and Intuition shop manager / YouTube director Cody Norman - along with Jacob Bouzaglou, Malachi Leon, Brooks Nelson.

Filmed by: Cody Norman, Ted Harder, and Chad Tannehill.

Directed / Edited by: Cody Norman

Stay Connected: @intuitionskateshop / @intuitionskate 

November 11, 2021