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Rollerblade Blank Sean Keane inline skates (Santa Monica)


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The new Rollerblade [ blank ] Sean Keane aggressive inline skates. A decade of rider feedback and equipment experimentation lead to the creation of the Rollerblade Blank SK Beta Skate. The Rollerblade Blank SK Beta is a minimal, streamlined street skate developed with and for the Rollerblade Blank International Street Team.

The Blank Beta SK Beta is the first signature model for Sean Keane. Sean is known as one the of most creative and progressive street skaters in the industry, and has been an influential Rollerblade Blank Pro team skater for over a decade.

The new streamlined, unibody, open-center soleplate provides a strong and simple direct mounting of UFS frame to shell.

Cuff and buckle closure system work together to deliver maximum security and support.

Articulated, anatomically placed padding and support system of the liner and footbed work together to provide optimal stability, protection and comfort.

The durable and trusted 60mm/92a Hydrogen street wheels are paired with Twincam‘s strongest bearings for a reliable and fast rolling experience. Includes eight 60mm/92a wheels, and four nylon anti rocker wheels.

The Limited Edition Blank Beta launch in sizes 260/265 8/8.5 US, 270/275 9/9.5 US, 280/285 10/10.5 US will be in stores November 2021. A full size run will be available in 2022.

BLANK is a street and park skating sub-brand of ROLLERBLADE, the pioneer of modern inline skating.
The streets are your blank canvas.