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Reign V3 skate liners


Brand Reign

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The new Reign V3 inline skate liners. Featuring a re-designed toe box with neoprene for cushioning and stretchability. The outside heel area has been reinforced to reduce heel lift. The inside of these liners is more comfortable then ever. Finally, a slight V-Cut in the back allows for more flexibility. 

These liners are ideal for Razors skates, but also work great in most all hard shell aggressive inline skate brands. Available sizes 6 - 13, plus 7.5, 9.5, and 10.5.

• Thinner construction for better fit in slimmer shells
• Swooped Achilles cut
• Reinforced carry-strap
• Full Lycra lining
• Footbed with arch support
• Reinforced lacing
• Rubber heel for limited slippage
• Neoprene toe