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Razors Shift / Cosmo Combo inline skates

$319.90 $299.90

Brand Razors

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The all-in-one combo deal, at an unreal price! The Cosmo Combo inline skates come stock with both Shift & Cosmo souls along with Ground Control Featherlite 3 & GC Freeskate 80mm frame options.  The best of both worlds all in one box, all for one low price.  This is what our pateneted IFC (Instant Frame Change) system is all about.

The Cosmo comes Razors new Instant Frame Changing system (IFC) which allows you do easily replace worn parts and instantly convert your freeskate into a hockey or aggressive skate. The Cosmo liner features a thinner padding to provide a firm fit for maximum control. A tight fit is further supported by aluminum heel retention and cuff buckles. An aircraft grade aluminum frame and super high rebound 80 mm/85A wheels allow for smooth and effortless riding.