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Ennui ST Wrist Brace


Brand Ennui
The new ENNUI ST Wrist Brace is meant to be your new favorite wrist guard. Including the best features from the ENNUI City Brace such as the PU leather upper, the neoprene sleeve and the lacing closure paired with our new anatomically shaped plastic splints for the palm and the rear, for a more comfortable fit while providing the same great protection. The exposed plastic splint in the palm is very durable and slides better than leather, making it more suited for certain sport activities.

Durable, comfortable, highly protective and affordable. ENNUI isn’t it? 

*Vegan friendly product.

Recommended for: Inline Skating, Roller Skating, Roller Derby,  Off-Road skating.

Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL

Size Chart: 

Ennui wrist brace size chart