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Dead Roadhouse 58mm inline skate wheels
Dead Roadhouse 58mm inline skate wheels
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*Classic multi color pack!* To honor the 25th anniversary of the iconic senate "roadhouse" antirocker wheels we've partnered with randy spizer and arlo eisenberg to bring an authentic update to this classic. *Spacers included!* 

Dead Randy Roadhouse Spizer wheels

Simple and clean this set of white urethane 58mm/92a dead wheels comes with the revised Roadhouse graphic. Includes bearing spacers.

92a durometer urethane
92a is our all-around, street or park skating durometer option. The 92a durometer wheel provides a great balance between grip while skating, and reduced friction while grinding.

If you’re not fully sure which hardness fits your style of skating, we recommend this 92a for both flat and anti-rocker setups.

58mm wheel diameter
We found that 58mm is the best size for all around street and park skating. It is small enough to keep you close to the ground, and stay out of the way while grinding, yet large enough to last you while skating rough surfaces in the streets. We developed this unique rounded profile to provide a natural feeling of fluidity while rolling and turning.

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