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Bloom Keaton Newsom 60mm inline skate wheel
Bloom Keaton Newsom 60mm inline skate wheel
Bloom Keaton Newsom 60mm inline skate wheel
Bloom Keaton Newsom 60mm inline skate wheel
Bloom Keaton Newsom 60mm inline skate wheel
Bloom Keaton Newsom 60mm inline skate wheel
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The Bloom Keaton Newsom inline skate wheels. Bloom Proudly presents the Keaton Newsom pro model wheel. Our first debut wheel, and the reason Bloom started. We wanted to stay true to our core value; help others the best way we can. Purchasing this wheel will help donate to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline Organization. 

  • 15% of each set sold, will be donated to SPLO

  • $5.00 of each sale, Keaton’s royalties, will also be donated to SPLO

  • 60MM/90A

  • Round Profile

  • Design Consultation by Keaton’s mother, Andra Maldovan

  • Original artwork by Rich Taylor

A word from Andra Maldovan:

“ Thank you Bloom for honoring Keaton who so many called him “FRIEND” Thank you for making us aware of Suicide and the perils of this.

Thank you for donating to the Suicide Prevention and Mental Health foundations for every set of wheels sold.

Why the dragon on this wheel? Keaton was born in the year of the Dragon. He had a tattoo of a dragon on his arm and it represented what you could do with strength behind you. He lost that strength for a very small moment and it ended.


Keaton Newsom –

– Amazing Son, Best Friend, Athlete – KIND, THOUGHTFUL, GIVING, FUNNY and SMART. The Giver of the group, the most thoughtful, the most kind, very smart but internally struggling with life. Life cut short because of a split moment choice.


It’s been three years and not a day has gone by without tears. Any surviving Mom will say this. Any friend will tell you his friend is always on his mind.


It is National Suicide Prevention Week and it’s a hard week to get through as a parent, friend or partner of a loved one that chose to leave us. Suicide is not the answer. Suicide is a permanent solution to a short term problem that doesn’t let you LIVE and SEE LIFE as it should be. This year, this world has reached record numbers for suicide from children to older adults. We need to talk, to know we can do this and we can make life good again.


As a Mom, I have begged to give me one more day to talk to Keaton and set things on a different course. I have been on my knees praying for him to come home. Life for him wasn’t a bad life, just a struggling time. He could have made it. But, he had to choose that – to get better. Instead, Keaton chose to take his life. So many of Keaton’s friends still reach out, just wanting to check in. And, I’m sure, a way to stay in touch with him in an odd way. I miss him, we miss him. His choice continues to be a struggle for all of us.


The choice to take your life IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. IF you are struggling, know your life is in a rough patch and it can get better, it will get better. You must speak up and seek help. No one can do this for you but you – call these numbers – it’s a deep commitment to you getting better. Call you friends and be honest. Call you parents. It’s a hard road but the rewards are worth it. Choosing to take your life is PERMANENT AND IT LEAVES all behind to suffer, to grieve, to learn to live with a hole in their hearts. That choice not only affects you, it affects all around you. This choice of Suicide takes away all of the life you have to live. Choose to LIVE LIFE!


National Suicide Prevention Week | AFSP

- Andra


'Do what you love, and do it now.' - @keatonnewsom